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UCF Students taking over the world
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To provide a community for UCF students to experience the university as a family.
This is a community by and for the students that go to the University of Central Florida.
Post about classes questions, concerts that you're going to, local band promotion, books for sale, needing rides home on the weekend, looking for roommates, job opportunities, research questions for survey courses, new restaurants around the area, finding a date to the movies, promoting your organization, WHATEVER! This community is for promoting a UCF-LiveJournal Unity.

To join, simply click here, and we'll get to your request in as timely a manner as possible. Please introduce yourself to everyone else in the group once you are accepted. It helps bring everyone together and connect. If you need help with anything related to a community, please read the LJ FAQ category on communities.

The rules for the community are nice and simple:
1) Be kind to others
2) Post for yourself only
3) Please avoid flaming other folks and keep everything mature. Do not post offensive material.
4) Please look back a week or so to see if the same question was asked so we don't see the same question every other day
5) No alcohol/drug posts, seeing we have a mixed body that isn't all over 21
6) Please familiarize yourself with George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words and pay careful attention to not mention 3-7 on the list in your posts.
7) If you have an image, keep the dimensions below 480x320 (or 320x480) as a thumbnail to link to your bigger picture, or just place the bigger picture behind a LJ-cut

And again, if you have any questions or concerns about these simple rules or a post you might see, please contact the moderation team via e-mail.

Class Schedule Post for Summer 2011 and Fall 2011

Textbooks for sale

Graduation Tickets Spring 2011

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Created by: iamzeke (adamcohen's original name)
Maintained and moderated by: adamcohen(retired) and pheonix_starr

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