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Wanted! Moderator - UCF Students taking over the world

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May 6th, 2011

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06:34 pm - Wanted! Moderator
I am looking for a co-moderator starting immediately for the UCF-livejournal community. While the stress/work load has been exceptionally light the last couple of years, I am looking to find someone who would serve as an active promoter and discussion facilitator for the community. LJ moderator experience is preferred, but not necessary. Working knowledge of how LJ runs is necessary, and any extensive social networking experience is highly recommended. The community has been quiet as of late, and I would like to change that, and make it a welcoming place for information not just for current UCF students, but for incoming ones as well. Please direct your interest in applying for the position to my LJ username, or to:


Again, congratulations to all graduates, and best wishes to y'all as you find your place in the world :)


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